Tangential thought (Destiny)

by CruelLEGACEY @, Toronto, Monday, August 29, 2016, 19:50 (2820 days ago) @ BeardFade

I tend to stick to less teamplay required gametypes though, mainly skirmish, control and clash.

I find it odd you stick Skirmish in here, which is played most effectively as a team. Give me two people who understand that revives add up to a lot of points and that attacking 2 vs 1 is better than 1 vs 1 and I'll demolish you in skirmish (barring that you're on the same skill level as me, and not amaze-balls good).

I also look at Control and even Clash as team games though I would agree that most other people probably don't think of these as team-heavy or team-necessary games.

I think most people would do much better, especially on Clash, if they focused on controlling an area of the map as a team. The two biggest reasons to control one area of the map and stick to it is to control where your teammates spawn into and where the safe zone to run is. A byproduct of this is controlling where the enemy can attack you, which gives you the advantage. That should be obvious.

In Clash, it is important not to needlessly die. If you are injured, and you can retreat or take cover, it helps to know for certain where the safe zone is. It also helps to drag enemies that are chasing you into the line of fire of your teammates. I do this constantly, it's quite effective.

However, most people play Clash just chasing each other in circles. Drives me nuts. Seriously, next time you play Clash, especially a match with a lot of shotgunners (I'm looking at all of you camoflauging bladedancers out there), you will see that both teams are more or less chasing each other in a circle around the map. If you stop moving in the circle, you immediately control who's coming at you and from where ( you just have to be cognizant of this and make a choice, preferrably as a team).

I find the biggest reason I die in Clash matches is that I have outlived all my teammates in an area without realizing they have all spawned else where and now I am surrounded/have no back up. It's one of my least favorite feelings.

I wish there was a good way to experiment with this though, but anything that requires coordination is difficult to achieve in the Crucible regardless of playing solo or as a team.

Anyways, my two cents about team games and how it relates to Clash.

I was playing a Clash match on Bannerfall last week, and 6 times in a row (I made sure to count) I died because the enemy team spawned directly behind me and gunned me down with their greater numbers, which made me respawn on the opposite side of the map, then as soon as I moved forward the enemy spawned behind me, repeat for 3 minutes. It was infuriating, and it kept happening because everyone else on my time would instantly rush into the middle of the map and die.

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