A Typical Night (Destiny)

by Ragashingo ⌂, Official DBO Cryptarch, Tuesday, August 30, 2016, 02:29 (2820 days ago) @ Ragashingo

Thinking a bit more about it, I usually manage to eek out fun with Randos, but they often make it pretty hard. It seems like either the games go really well, or I'm like the only one on my team to go positive. That feeling of doing well and learning the enemy's tactics and pulling ahead of them... while the Randos apparently try and Shoulder Charge straight down a Sniper lane all match is mildly frustrating.

Here's a typical night of Destiny for me:


Overall a 1.28 k/d (including that 0.00 in the lower left!) with 3 wins and 6 losses...Sure, it's nice that the losses probably weren't my fault, but sometimes you just gotta shake your head and hope to get matched with someone else.

In contrast, I'm more all over the place k/d wise and win v loss wise, but I think it's generally a lot more fun to be able to talk to people. That, and I felt that I had a whole lot of really good close games when playin' with you folks last time 'round. It also feels like we kinda take turns getting hot when playing together instead of it just being me vs the enemy vs my own team each and every game. Have people that can actually play helps a whole lot. :)

So, overall, while I can enjoy the Crucible solo, I'm always a bit sad that we only get a group together during Iron Banner cause playing with friends is more fun. :)

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