Do YOU enjoy playing the Crucible alone? (Destiny)

by someotherguy, Hertfordshire, England, Monday, August 29, 2016, 19:51 (2822 days ago) @ Claude Errera

The issue for me is range. Shotguns may be an easier kill (by which I mean the gap vetween a good and bad shotgunner isn't as large as between a good and bad sniper), but you have to work harder for it regardless of skill level - you have to put yourself directly in the firing line and almost definitely take some fire to get your kill.

A sniper's range on the other hand means that a good sniper is much, much safer than a good shotgunner. Additionally, their much larger effective kill radius gives them a power move shotgunners don't get - A hardscoped sniper can lock down an entire lane (through kills and fear) unlike anything else in the game (even supers have a time limit). Destiny's movement is such that you can escape almost any engagement (even shotgunners due to their short range) but a sniper can kill at extreme range in the time it takes to cross a doorway, while remaining off your radar and relatively safe.

To quote pwadigy, snipers are downright oppressive in a way shotgunners just aren't.

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