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(A.k.A – The World of Destiny is Science Fiction, not Fantasy.)

Note: I still don’t think I conveyed my thoughts well enough with this. If I had the time, I would have made the wording for this far more precise, and fleshed out my words abit more. I hope at the very least, you get the jest of my thoughts. Even if that is... abit literal in this case. :P

The TL;DR of this section – I think the Organization problem is actually in part, an Economy problem. It’s Tricky!

Bread, Cabbage, Catch, Chips, Dough, Haul, Kale, Loot, Pilferage, Prize, Scratch, Take, or even good ‘ol fashioned ARRRRRR! TO JA’ TRESAURE LADS! LAST ONE THERE TELLS NO TAILS! ARRRRR! *Hardy Boisterous Laughter*

Then everyone dies of scurvy. The end.

Regardless your preferred jargon (or hunger) with whatever sort of play that has filled your “backpack” with the finite spoils of a guardians infinitude of conflict, at the end of the day all roads lead to the same problem in the Vault. What do I keep? What do I shard? Worse still, once you accrue a sizable amount of stuff, how to organize and retrieve said stuff? It becomes an effort into its self that gets in the way of playing the game.

So here is a peak behind the curtain here. You get to read a discussion with my self. You Hacker.

Why do we shard guns and armor? Why is that a thing? Repeat objects. Ok. Why Are Repeat objects still a thing? We used to get RNG on some of the items, now we don’t. Yea. Now we don’t. Once you get something, why do you get it again? Well I need to increase my light. You can do that with any matching gun or class armor type. Does that truly require repeat items? In the end it’s all just light in another form of currency. Make light a currency accrued from playing. Every time you level up a faction… oh wait… we already have that. But it’s in the form of Guns & Armor. This is messy, as I’m not keeping some of my weapons and armor for USE, but for LIGHT. Then I forget, and why is this here, and … If we go that route, we'll run into a wall. Bungie can only make so much content so fast, even with the numbers.That is why the synergy is so important, it changes one thing into multiple things. Why do I feel a Guardian Apartment joke brewing? RESET

How bout if I get something, show me if I have it already anywhere in my account, and if it’s a higher or lower light level... What? Don't be complacent. What you’re suggesting isn't a fix it's a patch to make things hurt less, but you keep the problem. Cure the Disease, not the Symptoms. What if we get a “raw light” upgrade token for the weapon? I don’t want another “currency”.WE ALREADY HAVE THE CURRENCY! It's the form that is causing the problem. It's the multiple uses! THAT is what the ISSUE is! THAT is where the confusion is coming from. Ah! Forgetfulness creating a sensation of overwellment in the use, whom, not wishing to partake in the time to figure out the efforts before the indievidual, becoming seduced under the allors of the lowest common denominator. What? Glory Organization is Boring. In the end we need to free up the collection aspect here, unless Bungie wants to double down on the “RPG” aspect. RESET

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Sorry Bub. If you stay in there too long, you'll get lost with the rest of the maddness. Had to pull ya out without warning.

Originally I had THIS look of text for the green above, but since I'm using it to interject into my own post, well, I had to change it. I was going to have a whole thing in this section in this style. Oh well. So as it goes.

The world of Destiny is based on a so called loot game. Thus I ask, why is it so ill conceived on our ability to organize? It’s like making a shooter with lousy gun play. Worse still, since Destiny is made to be played as a “world you can come back to”, and keep playing and keep playing and keep playing; the more you play, the worse it gets. As far as it seems to me, the organizational aspect should have been a tier one critical issue for Destiny 2 as is the gun play in Destiny 2.

Now, to be fair, what we have as a Destiny 2 vault is an improvement over the Destiny 1 vault, but, again, the improvement also highlights more intensely the flaws. We have 200 slots to put WHATEVER we want. This is an improvement. In Destiny 1, the vault was segmented, you could only put in X amount for Weapons, Armor, and Other. So if you rarely used the armor slot, but heavily used the gun slot… Well Gee! I wish I could use all this extra space I’m not using for armor.

So now you have 200 slots for whatever you wish. That problem is fixed but, as it goes, a new issue arises. In short – Clutter. Even through we have the option to switch through Default (A.K.A – No Organization?), Newest (When you put it in your vault), and Rarity (Exotics up front, Common in the back... ugh, Shut up brain), it’s still a real hassle to understand what your options are in game-play. TO find what you seek at a glance. In truth, I don’t really know what I have in my vault right now. No, I’m not saying like “What Gun”, through that element is true, I’m saying GAMEPLAY.

It has been my observation, that until the gun is in your hands, or armor embraces your shoulders, all those numbers don’t mean SHIT for the whole. Remember the theme of this entire thing you see written before you? SYNERGY SYNERGY SYNERGY! The numbers are a one off for that one thing, NOT your whole kit. Plus, I can forget. I want to be able to stop playing Destiny 2 for whatever time I wish, and come back, and pick up where I left off. I have no way of noting to my self what works with what. I mean, I guess I could write it down with a quill, but honestly, I don’t want to care that much. I just want to sit down and just play.

Also… I don’t have a quill. Kermit, can I barrow yours if the need arises?

This all goes back to The Harmony of Fun. Synergy. I may be sitting on some amazing game-play experiences, but when I open up my vault, I kind of … nope out. I didn't want to clean my room when I was 5. I still don't! BUNGLE PLS! :P (LOL)

Now here is what I am concerned is going to happen. Destiny is going to become a collection game. While yes, this would free things up, doing so ... it's all about the focus. If Destiny 2 becomes a collection game, it will change the focus. How do you minimise what I mentioned in The Struggle of Infinity Vs. Finite from occurring?

If only I had the time to fill this out more.

I mean seriously... these are just blurbs of ideas. Unfortunately that's as far as I got with this part. Which is too bad. The Vault isn't the only issue, just the most obvious. I was going to have a whole thing about the items on our person, and talk about the impact of the 3rd party options. Maybe I'll cheat and give one more of this sort of post about,'cus it's rather big. Imagine this. This scheme would be unlockable (as it wouldn’t make sense for a level 9, for example). Each slot has a Main & Secondary. In main you can have up to six exotics, three legendary (one for each type). In Secondary, you have 9 slots for whatever. Stuff like that, stuff that I would need time to flesh out. What we have right now was good for Destiny 1, but it’s lousy for Destiny 2.  Anyway, this was the last of the BIG THREE stuff I wrote down. The next bit is abit less enlightening, and abit more wish-fulfillment in it's current, now posted beta-w.i.p-form.

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