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I simply couldn’t let my self click *Ok - Submit* before I added this stuff-o-thoughts here. You see, some things I had made with a purpose. For future topics which I hoped to put in my post here. Things that I now am no longer to use. Further more, since this will probably be the last of these sorts of posts I make for the foreseeable future, well, it’s now or nothing I guess. So for this portion of the post, I had most of my brains quality control team go home, and left a skeleton crew in its place. This content is less balanced in thought, and is possibly more along the lines of rant/salt/standard internet blah blah blah. Ok, so it might not be THAT bad. This part of the post in whole (not including linked or embedded content) was made in the last 48 hours. So here it is.

Picture Dump

These pictures are questions, snapshots of time, and yes, a beauty shot or two.

Don’t ask me where I got the tank from.



Lost Sectors

This was going to be a HUGE portion of my original intended post. Now it’s a footnote to simply let know what could have been. Heh… in other words, Lost Sectors. These spaces are so underutilized it may be artistically criminal. The world art in a number of these spaces are, as per usual, stunning. The Gameplay? Less so. Right now it’s patrol with extra steps. Oh I CAN’T WAIT FOR MY BLUE ENGRAMS!...said no one ever.

As an artist, it’s obvious that there is so much room to have unique specialized game play experiences and STORY, in these spaces. Basically – Lone Wolf Public Events, but it’s more about DISCOVERY! RECLAIMING OUR LOST WORLDS! You know, that ol’ chestnut. Something that really brings it out of the norm. Fallen jumping around on walls, and climbing out of drainage pipes. Interrupting a Hive ceremony, who knew they could dance? Watch, then interrupt, the Vex conversion of a space.

They don’t all need to be HUGE events, but there should always be that chance that you took more of a chance then you should have. There should always be a chance that YOU OVER DID IT. You took the chance, and now you, be it alone or with a team, are about to be overwhelmed. THERE NEEDS TO BE DANGER FOR THE IMMORTAL! There should be times where RUNNING AWAY is preferable, indeed, best option. Or at minimum, you die, your ghost gets you out of there. No prize for you today. You go back in, it doesn’t matter, it’s something else or nothing at all.

To be advertised as it was, it just needs to be so much more. You know that Bungie, you have NO excuse now. In part because of the first video in the playlist above showing a…. well. Let’s call it a Lost Sector. Indeed. … then go on our merry way.

Also… Why were “Lost” Sectors already on my map? Shouldn’t those locations be find-able, then placed, or a hint bought from Cade? You know, something to play up the whole… and I may be reading in to this too much, uh… LOST thing!?

So Lonely

Abit of a tie-in with the above, but since I’ve been saying this since Destiny 1 (though I’m not sure I’ve written it here before), it’s own section it goes. There are few things sadder, lonelier, and just pulls you out of the world quicker… then seeing some rando in PVE, unified by circumstance of the surrounding, and then you hit a checkpoint and poof.

It’s just… so sad. :/

The Tractor Cannon

The Exotic Shotgun “Tractor Cannon” IS FUCKING AMAZING! It’s not about damage, it’s just about FUN! It’s a Blast (pun intended) to use! That said… having this GLORIOUS tool of RAW FUN ammo gated is a crime against fun. Why don’t I get ammo from kills! Or Maybe an Ice Breaker regen. Something. ANYTHING! Just ammo wise, right now, it’s a TRAVESTY how quick ammo disappears from this weapon. It becomes empty WAY too quickly. I need more. I NEED MORE! O_O

One of the reasons for this may be, that as this power weapon is more of an add equalizer, instead of any sort of HEAVY damage dealing wunderkind that we are used to in this slot. As a result it’s use case is different from most other weapons in the power slot. So in turn there is less heavy being dropped. BUNGIE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE FIX, SO I CAN GET MY FIX! I NEED! I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED! D:


PvP as it is Right Now

Look, I’m the PvE guy. I don’t have a long history of PvP when it comes to Destiny. For me, unless it was the Multiplayer Mode Mayhem, Destiny 1 PvP was… ugh. Yet, when it comes to Destiny 2 PvP, it has been by far some of the most fun I’ve had in PVP in a looooooooooooooong time. I’ve seen all the posts saying otherwise. That Destiny 2 PvP is the worst ever, essentially. I don’t think I have enough clout or experience in this mode to say this is wrong. All I can say is, I have had fun. Occasionally I jump in to PvP to play a game or two. Preferably with my Hunter, which also seems to be a No-No right now. I don’t know.

I’ve had fun in Destiny 2 PvP as it is. Right now. Take that for what you will.

Local Vs World

Something something gizmo pivot point something?



I’m not sure what happened. On October 5th I was playing some Multiplayer, the game ended. I pressed Y to go to orbit, as I needed to get up from my seat and do something. When I came back, well, I wasn’t in orbit. I finally forced obit after deciding that there would be no respawning.

Oh… and speaking of bugs…

The things you get to see the day or two after launch. Or more.

*Yawn* Oh… right. Um. This should be a Descriptor. … Yea we’re good.

Oh. And there is one more thing I want to add here, because it just bothers me so gosh darned much. If you read my "Not-A-Review", you may already know what I'm about to rant about.

Before I do go full rant, know that I KNOW what I see on this side, and how things are on the other side is greatly disconnected. Someone on the other side may very well have been thinking the same thing, but time and technical requirements make this the best choice. VFX are expensive, and with some of the maddness I have seen filling the screen VFX wise, they have done a right good job in Destiny 2 with efficiency it seems to me. It’s probably why they didn’t ribbon out (or what have you) a dragon line of fire for example. As of yet, videogame VFX does not have the practically inifnite head room like those in VFX for movies. Someday. Someday.


One of the things I wanted to show, and not tell, but decided my efforts in time were better elsewhere, was the VFX of the Solar Warlock super. The cast particle of the super being that which fills me with the greatest ire. That’s not to say they aren't created well, of course they are. But the idea in practice is very underwhelming. Wings of fire? Cool. Flaming Blade? Badass. ... and that's about it.

In short, it doesn’t feel powerful. At. ALL. It feels SO SO weak to me. It’s just a lousy lousy super. In my Not-A-Review, I referenced Hawk Girl. That was more the overall archetype. How it plays. This is simply how it looks. What would I do to make it better? Magneto that shit, but with fire.

[image] [image] [image]

Look at that. Look how simple, yes, utterly BAD ASS that is. You use the Warlocks Arc animation in movement (when not actually "flying"), mesh particles swirling around like you're some sort of atom, put that on fire, which is probbably some of Glenns amazing shader work. Add a flaming tail or two. Then when you cast, you point your blade menacingly and swing bursts of 5 to 7 flaming bolts of explosive AOE hellfire.



Then after that, there is a little after particles of glowing melted, plasma like decals that evaporate away into the smoke. The ground hisses and sizzles and crackles and groans as entropy absorbs the leftovers of thermal energy left in the ground.

Yes I know the standard is to doodle it out, but I ain't putting those on the internet. No SIR or MADAM! Lives would be on the line. :P




This next part, is very personal. My Destiny 2 thoughts, or at least what I was able to make of it, is now concluded. SO let's finish this. I have so much work to do, so that I may in the end have play to do.




||About me in the Real word: Stories to tell and Choices to make||

Needless to say, I’ve been dreaming then wishing then ultimately trying for years to get into the games industry. To get into a Studio that won’t treat me and my time on this earth like cattle, that pays me well per location, and ultimately lets me live life. See the world. So on, so forth, so goes the dream. Yet all these efforts have been stymied in these last few years, as I have been unable to make a proper demo reel to prove my mettle and generalist know-how to those who employ. That has changed recently. The DEMO REEL is EVERYTHING. It is the ultimate Diploma of the Creative Industries, as the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Good work is good work.

Years ago I made the choice where instead of finishing my Bachelor's degree, I instead chose to act on a-once-in-a-life-time-opportunity. It is this opportunity that has “given” me through my sleepless blood-sweat-and-tears, my all encompassing generalist knowledge for practically all things games and movies. Yet I have been unable to capitalize on it intill now.

Now the opportunity exists where I can prove what I know with a Modern Demo Reel. Including the time spent to improve my creation skills even more, and little "experiments" and "projects" that I've wanted to do for a decade, well... this is where my free time needs to go. Free time that I'd been using to make this text above.

There is more. Some of my reviews I’ve placed so much effort into have been done with an ulterior bonus motive as part of my backup plans, just in case the resources I needed continued to elude me. One out of a number of backup plans, in fact. My main job I seek, flat out requires a Demo Reel. No way around it. Even with the people I know, who know of me in the industry, or who could vouch for me, could do me no more but inside advice due to... the HIGH demand and difficulty of entry. At the end of the day, I just needed an alternative method to get my foot in the door to change my stars. Since I am not some one trick pony, I had other options to pursue. There are other jobs, other then the one I seek, within the video games industry to which I know or feel I would do well. Jobs where the content of the Demo Reel is… different.

I’m a problem solver, it’s what I do. I do it within myself, I’ve done it for others, and I’d love to get paid for what I do without effort anyway. I found my self with skills I couldn't show, so I had no choice but to tell. I was not and am not delusional to the unlikeliness of this purported textual backup plan actually working though. And of course... this isn't exactly the most IDEAL industry standard of methods, but it's what I had to work with. I want it, dam it. I used what I had before me at the time, and you only need to get lucky once. Apparently. I have and in this referenced case... had... the internet, a keyboard, and a madly creative imaginative mind. All in all, necessity is the mother of invention, and crazier shit has worked before. I had nothing to lose, but to never try, which is not my modus operandi. Desperation may have had a hand too.

So... all this is to say that this may very well be my last “Chunk” of a review. That’s not to say you won’t see me post and be a picky bastard, that comes standard I’m afraid (:P),  just... that instead of months of back and forth consideration and holding things close to my chest, I’ll be shooting more from the hip. I'll be joining you lot in the threads instead of making my extensive own. And... no doubt... I'll be making those errors shooting from the hip will make.

Most of these sort of posts that I make get very little input. I have no idea, ulterior bonus motive or not, if anyone really reads these things. If anyone is even able to... “part the reeds” of my ever particular “island made” vernacular.  So either it’s because no one reads it, no one disagrees enough to post, or because no on can get through it. I don’t know, I just had to try. But I’m thankful there was a place of… occasional maturity (:P)… where I could bring my thoughts to light. At the very least, this has been very fruitful practice in getting my thoughts out of my diamondium skull and onto this ever-sort o’ page.

The struggle is real, but I know I will do it. It’s the making it happen sooner then later part that's been really doing me in, as I’m defiantly in the later territory at this point. At least, it sure feels this way.

So that’s that. These are the thoughts I was able to get on the page, and why I have stopped. I thank you for your time. I thank you for your understanding. I thank you... for reading my long reads. You survived. Good work! In the end I hope I helped… with…. Whatever good. Help you see things you might have missed.

I'm an artist. It's... what I do.

\\ ٩( ᐛ )و // See you Starside! ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ

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