THE MINI POST:: The Struggle of Infinity Vs. Finite (Fan Creations)

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(A.k.A – Who is playing who?)

The struggle is real. To RNG or to Not RNG – THAT is the question!

No. It’s not.

Our brains, for as incredible as they are, are still rather stupid. I myself have only grown smart enough to know how stupid I am, so that’s been fun. Just like water, the human heart also tends to run down hill to its basest instincts. We want to be lazy, it saves energy. But as always – Dosage. That’s where the poison is. This difference between a problem solver and sloth.

Yes, I could have just said that the Bungie designers seem to be trying to find the sweet spot to RNG elements, but I ask you dear reader, WHERE IS the Fun In THAT! Do you truly find this bout of disjointed preaching less enjoyable!?

Alright, fine, we’ll try it your way and do the direct approach. Ugh. I’m imagining you to be ever so picky. EVER SO PICKY! You MONSTER! :P

The amount of RNG made Destiny 1 artificially harder for both casual and hardcore alike. In Destiny 1, RNG was a god; an RNGesus if you will. Who lives and who dies, and how. You “Needed” to play to get the best kit, so you could have fun. Let me say that again… YOU "NEEDED" TO PLAY, and keep playing, TO GET THE BEST KIT. This, in no uncertain terms, was utter unfulfilling insanity. People played something they hated, so that they could love it. I don’t know about you all, but that sounds like an abusive relationship to me. Oh! The excuses we used to tell. The door hit me! I fell! Oh goodness I’m such a klutz, I love you RNG, thank you for my BLAH with Blah (*Shard*). RNG decided not only what you got to play with, but how (effective it was) and when. RNG was a controlling ASSHOLE! That’s not to say that a users own skill didn’t come in to play in an end result, but if you got dropped by or watched another player slay with… say… Hacksaw, Matador 64, Hung Jury, or Qullim's Terminus then there was a chance it was because they had RNG’ed a perk you didn’t have. Why does this matter? Well, remember that synergy thing? Here I’ll remind you.

In whole, this “Synergy” is why we will come back to keep on playing. GAMEPLAY! Oh… and that is not discount the other reasons to play, like the urge to solve the mysteries of Destiny and peel back the layers of this world. What we have before us is a mini game (weapon synergy), in a game (+ ability/armor synergy), in a game (Destiny #). THAT, in my preview, is the future of Destiny 2 gameplay. Not Shaders. Not Emblems.

Instead of YOU choosing how to play, the game was, and even Bungie couldn't control it fully. That made for problems. Thanks to the game being SO RNG based, you could put time into something and – for your play style - get nothing out of it. In short, a slot machine. This created, or at least was a factor in, the mind numbing grind of Destiny 1.

The result of this grind was abit of a gameplay mosh pit. How do you balance that? As fun as the “sweet hit”-jolt moment of a “God Roll” were, I bet in retrospect Bungie had a hell of a time balancing all of that, back-end controls not withstanding. Just because you had fun in a lone moment does not mean the overall game-play economy is sound. Fun, I presume again, in the end is our main goal to all this effort to play with bunch of... ya’ll weirdos (:P)... around the world. We’re having fun, or at least trying for it. If you have to try to have fun, are you?

It’s not just weapon perks though, as even with just the raw guns, RNG was like poison to who could play what as well. To that effect, Gjallarhorn, glorious as it was… poison! A glorious poison? That should be name of a “Prism” gun. Probably for a “Prism” rocket launcher. I call DIBS on the first hands on! … I digress.

This was because the goal was no longer the game. It was exploiting the rules of the game. Why? Because we’re lazy, and breaking the rules is what we do… oh so well. We are so stupid good at it. Early on, you could not get into a raid among the randoms, or even to some degree here, unless you had Gjallarhorn. It should have never of come to this.

In the end it all just spiraled into an obsessive dark of “gotta have it”. I hear the Darkness was personally witnessing all this. Many tryhards... died ...to bring us this information.

*Deep Breath*

It’s just. A Game.

It. Doesn’t. Matter.

You power off the game device – Poof. It’s Nothing.

It’s just a game. And it doesn’t matter.

Thus in Destiny 2, the Weapon Designers of Bungie decided the we should have all weapons with a fixed set of perks. For example: The Pistol “Better Devils” is just like all other “Better Devils”. It has Adaptive Frame, Same 3 Sight Perks, Same 2 Mag Perks, and le plat principal présentée sans autre délai, Explosive Payload.

As it turns out through, even the direct approach isn't without its problems. The trade off is for now, a large decrease in the number of guns with unique “feels” and styles of play. Yet we gain far more control to how the game plays for us. I find myself saying it again; as unfortunate as it is that there has been such a decrease of permutations, it is indeed for the best.

It’s probably why Bungie did it. Right?

NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I’ve seen the Destiny Reddit. Bungie Hates its fan base! GET REKD SCRUB!


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