ViDoc - The Road Ahead (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Wednesday, November 28, 2018, 06:18 (896 days ago) @ slycrel

Today I received Truth for the first time. I've played more gambit than probably anything else since forsaken dropped. Yeah yeah RNG... still. I wondered where it came from and had no idea that it was simply RNG based and my luck was terrible on that one. I literally wrapped my gambit ranking without seeing it drop in season 4. Weapon availability continues to be an issue, and I think we're doubling down on that one.

Wait, what? I totally sympathized with a lot of your points, because I think you're right, folks with limited time DO have to choose between activities that they enjoy and activities that give them powerful rewards (there are lots of powerful rewards now, but you have to play a LOT to really take advantage of them)... but this one makes me confused.

There's a GUARANTEED Trust drop at your first Infamy rank reset - Drifter GIVES you a Trust when you finish Legend. You said you wrapped your ranking, but never got one... did you forget (or, I guess, not know) to pick it up?

It's still available, btw. Go talk to him - it's in the row of stuff below his bounties.

(fwiw, that was my first Trust, as well. Within 2 weeks of getting it, though, I had received almost half a dozen. RNG is a fickle mistress.)

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