Target Audience? (Destiny)

by digital_ronin, Wednesday, November 28, 2018, 13:28 (868 days ago) @ slycrel

I've often wondered the same, "Am I Destiny's target audience anymore?" I think I am, but I'm really tired of Destiny hammering down on the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO.) Everything now is a timed event, a race to finish so much in a designated time box. Fail to do so and you've missed out. I'm looking at you sunshot catalyst that I never got last faction rally and now have no opportunity to get. Fail to keep leveling up and getting the right exotics your going to have trouble getting into groups and tackling group oriented challenges while people are still excited about them.

It starts to suck the fun out of things. You feel like you need to play the game on its terms rather than your own. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think you should be able to do anything, whenever, however, and get everything. That leads to a fun syphon of its own. But it would be nice to have pressure valves built into the system and communicated so that you have an out or a catch up mechanic.

Xur used to function like this; can't get that prized exotic for your class to drop (I'm looking at you Orpheus Rigs which I finally got from Xur) eventually Xur will sell them or you can gamble on fated engrams and you can be more effective at raiding or crucible or whatever is that you are looking for. Destiny 1 was great at this with the weapons and armor that each faction would sell. Need a good scout? Dead Orbit has you covered.

Now there is no catch up. FOMO is amplified. You are stuck simply grinding. Grinding takes time and luck. Luck is not in your control and time is a limited resource.

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