About the new raid... (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Wednesday, November 28, 2018, 17:03 (867 days ago) @ Korny

Maybe I'm just setting myself up for disappointment, but I think there's a huge difference.

Forsaken has set the tone and pace of this style of content. Yeah, the Thunderlord quest is almost indefensibly bad and shitty. That sucks. But the rest of Forsaken has been excellent in terms of long-term content. If the Dreaming City (and even things like Spider's rotating wanted bounties) is the template moving forward, I'm all for it.

Season 4 was so full of stuff to do, there's tons I haven't done. I still haven't even set foot in the Shattered Throne. I've only done a handful of Ascendant Challenges. I'll still be working towards Redrix's Broadsword and Luna's Howl. And now there's three more weapons to go get!

Maybe there's another Shattered Throne coming (or, if not that, at least another Whisper-scale mission).

Again, maybe I'm just setting myself up for disappointment, and we've certainly been in this place before, but I think Bungie has to know another year of Curse of Osiris isn't going to cut it at this point.

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