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“Less product” is yet to been seen.

Ah yes, literally what I acknowledged twice. Good point!

Different product, yes, but you’ve got 9 months of content to work through before you can claim it is less product.

Again, we have yet to see how much content is included in terms of value and depth, but from what Bungie has specifically promised, this is what your $35 gets you:


The first three months will include:
1 "raid",
Weapons and an armor set for each class.
4 Black Armory maps for four exotics.
1 exotic quest for Last Word (Like the Thunderlord quest? Oh boi!)
And... New lore books and Triumphs. Riveting.

And all of this amazing value gets trickled out over the course of three months. So yeah, that Last Word that you're paying for now? You're not going to be able to get that until February (If Thunderlord was anything to go by). But at least the raid launches three days after the Black Armory drops.

Curse of Osiris had more (on paper, since we haven't seen the exact Annual Pass content yet). But because the Annual Pass content is being bundled with the content that's coming out for all Forsaken owners, it's easy to lose perspective over how much you're actually paying for, but seeing as how I'm not falling for it, but will be playing plenty of Destiny 2 over the next few months, it'll be interesting to see if I feel like I'm really missing out on any substantial content.

That said, we have no choice but to adopt a wait-and-see approach, given how this is the first radical shift in content delivery for Bungie (but would it have been so different if Curse of Osiris trickled out its different bits of content over three months?). I hope they surprise and succeed with more content coming out, and maybe even a hint of ambition in there somewhere like I was able to finally see in the Shattered Throne dungeon.

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