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by MacAddictXIV @, Seattle WA, Friday, November 30, 2018, 07:52 (871 days ago) @ cheapLEY

As ever, the problem is one of communication, messaging, and expectations.

Destiny is a fantastic, really fun game that still always manages to feel half-baked and sort of empty.

Let me start by reiterating the my post that you replied too--I love Destiny. Forsaken is the best Destiny has every been. There's so much to do, and it's the first time the game world feels like it's a living place, and like it's growing.

That's why I'm really excited to see what happens with the annual pass. If Forsaken is the template for the game moving forward, that's a great thing.

But the history of Destiny is littered with great things that just get abandoned. Look at all the quality of life stuff that came with the Taken King and Y3 of D1. The quest page is the big one. Why the fuck are we back to tracking individual quests in our inventories? It's stupid. Hell, to a lesser extent, that's what the milestones tab was, but instead of having that convenient tab, now the Director screen is a fucking mess of glowy shit.

And Bungie still has a hard time actually keeping things relevant. Why don't the old destination vendor armor sets have random rolls? You can still get those sets, but why would you handicap yourself by using them? Seems like a no-brainer to give those armor sets the new random roll perks and give us a reason to keep turning in planetary materials to those vendors.

Or, how about the ornament system? It was such a smart way to handle that stuff. You have one base armor set, with a new look for it to unlock every season. Early indications from data-mining seem to show that there are no new ornaments for Vanguard, Crucible or Gambit armors this season, and no new armor sets to replace them either. Why? It's an entire system that we had for a year and that was great, but it's been abandoned.

For as fun as Destiny is (and it is incredibly fun and compelling), it's still a game filled with missteps, and a lot of the forward progress feels half-baked. It's a loot game without enough loot--instead of giving us enough loot, they make everything take ages to grind for with poor RNG.

We all love Destiny--that's ostensibly why we're here. Voicing criticisms isn't negativity, and frankly, I'm far more annoyed with the folks trying to silence discussion of those criticisms under the guise of "can't we just be positive?"

For whatever it's worth, I'm not sure there's a need to have this discussion yet again, and it's not actually where I intended to go when I started writing this post. I just hate the "if you don't like it, quit playing it," mindest. We do like it! I love it! That doesn't mean I'm going to ignore its faults or stop hoping it could be better. Because I still firmly believe Bungie can do better, and Forsaken was the proof of that.

Let me start by saying this isn't pointed at any one person. I just replied to you cheapLEY because it was at the bottom and the last thing I read :D

My reply was about my own feelings about the state of Destiny and parts of this forum. I never said and do not wish to suppress anyone's voice on the subject of Destiny.

Some people have already commented on it, but I just want to add my on thoughts, that it's not about voicing criticism it's about how you do it. Yes, we are all different people with different ways of voicing our opinions, but I have to point out that we are also a community and how people talk affects others. I was trying to state, albeit in a gush of emotions and bad English, that the negative criticism was starting to affect me.

I personally feel that criticism is a very important thing, but I also feel that how you do it is almost just as important as doing to begin with. It's not different than having a debate with someone, if you can't have a reasonable debate to get your ideas and point across, what is the point other than venting negative feelings? Yes, venting is also a healthy thing if you aren't doing it all the time.

Your thoughts on Destiny above show more criticism for certain aspects of Destiny than most posts, but that is fine by me because you complement grievances with things that you like or you think that Bungie is still doing a good job at. That added bit turns it into constructive criticism from you, otherwise all it feels like to me is venting and bashing on Destiny. Again, that is in part a good thing at times, but if that becomes a normal reply it starts to become oppressive.

I want to also say that you point about reading some things and not others is a good idea, however it's unfortunate that we have to come to this. There are several people that I generally steer away from because of how they write. But the thing is is that those people also have great ideas that I also want to listen to. This is one more reason why I think we all need to think about how we present our ideas and criticism. There are times I have wanted to reply about a great topic, and I try, but it eventually comes to a point that it just feels like to much effort on my part to sift through all the stuff that to me seems unnecessary.

I still love this community and I am still staying with it. I'm just letting people know it's hard to participate in it sometimes. Which is unfortunate.

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