That Was My Singular Thought. (Fan Creations)

by Morpheus @, High Charity, Tuesday, March 29, 2022, 17:27 (746 days ago) @ Cody Miller

The whole time I was watching the series premiere, all I kept thinking was, “I really should’ve read the books.” I mean, I have a general idea about the Innies and Covenant invasion, and I recognized the sound effects that were brought in from the games to help immerse the player—I mean viewer… but 98% of it flew right over my head. If this was set in 2552, then it was also set during the events of Halo Reach/One. Now, I know a year is a long time, but that seems strange/nonsensical to me. And I know I feel real stupid saying this, but I’ll thought JACOB was Miranda’s father. I honestly don’t remember if Halsey had blonde hair or not…but she certainly didn’t have a British accent. And a Phantom in 2552? 0.o

Anyway, I at least thought the Elites looked great, since that was pretty much all I was waiting for. A little more shield flare would’ve been nice, but it’s still cool looking to me. Reminds me of Forward Unto Dawn.

Although, revealing Chief’s face off the bat? While it instantly made me think of the ‘four guys’ meme—also made me think of that ridiculous quote from Arrested Development. (I’m out of town, so I can’t do the whole timecode thing, but I’m hoping that you guys will know which Tobias quote I’m talking about.)

But hey, we’ll see what happens next week!

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