Finale (SP) (Fan Creations)

by Cody Miller @, Music of the Spheres - Never Forgot, Thursday, May 19, 2022, 11:29 (649 days ago) @ Cody Miller
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So the finale is kind of a mix of both the best of the series and the worst of the series, but overall it's more of the best.

Starting with the worst, the idea of the climactic battle was good, but I'm not sure about the execution. It was once again very video gamey in logic and presentation. Yes in the game we could mow down hundreds of enemies easily, but in a TV show it just ends up feeling ridiculous with the crazy fully CG shots that defy physics and look animated. And just… don't go to first person. Please. It's just a stretch to do it this way with the budget they have. Fewer covenant that are harder to take down would have made the fight more cathartic. If they had them scramble to take down each one rather than blowing most away I think it would have been better, and victory sweeter. Sure they need to be overwhelmed, but even with Cortana taking over it felt like there'd be no way. Taking down the Brute that stole the artifact in episode 5 should have felt amazing! But he was sort of just crushed by a random pillar. Ug. I'm also unclear on some elements. Why did only the elites get hurled away when Makee touched the artifact? Why not the brutes, grunts, or other spartans?

But still, the idea narratively worked fine, and was I think emotionally in the right place.

Halsey replacing herself with a flash clone was badass.

They went really dark with Adun… finally Halo has a depraved pervert.

Unlike the games, you really do get a sense that Silver team knows each other, and have a relationship together, as well as having individual personalities. Although, I don't think a Spartan would have to ask what spaghettification was (aren't they supposed to be the best and brightest?) Just write the line in a way that it's clear "The ship will be destroyed". Easy.

There's some nice touches like the the spartans being able to run faster than the Chief when he doesn't have his suit on. Kai running to catch up to the ship was a little ridiculous though, but everything that happened before the opening credits was absolutely compelling.

I was a little surprised by Kawn's story. Not necessarily that it didn't tie back in this season, but that it didn't really feel that developed. I figured it would be about her learning to become a leader, rallying everyone against Vishner and becoming the general that her father was. But… she just kind of killed him off quickly. Especially if storylines aren't going to intersect for a while, you've really got to make sure that the storyline is fulfilling and interesting. It's kind of a weird choice…

And of course by the end, I'm now wondering if Halsey got what she wanted after all…

I await season 2.

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