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Honestly, good.

The whole point is that he’s a person. He’s not just the suit. He’s not a robot. I’m glad the show is exploring that immediately, instead of taking fifteen years to get there like the games did.

Well, thanks to this show, that's all Master Chief is now. Just another person.

If you allow me to pick and choose where the emphasis of your statement was, I agree with the criticism here. I'm loving this show, but I already have in my mind how much of a robot he is supposed to be understood as. The show has given us very very little exposition on that.

We got, what? Him ignoring the girl both right after the massacre and then bumping her head, then a quick flashback where we are supposed to infer that's his best friend he is betraying over regulations?

As a Halo fan, I'm getting a lot out of this 'Chief reborn' scenes, but I can't see it hitting remotely the same to fresh eyes.

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