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by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Monday, May 16, 2022, 17:47 (738 days ago) @ Coaxkez
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I’ve been watching the show week-to-week and (mostly) enjoying it up until the now-infamous sex scene. While I’ve got no problem with the concept of giving Master Chief a romantic and/or sexual relationship, I did not feel that the moment was earned given the way they chose to do it.

For one thing, what the hell is Chief doing making a booty call in a high-security prison cell? Like, aren’t there cameras? And then he just spends the night like it’s no big deal. Bro, I get it, Makee is a nice-looking woman and you’re (probably) a virgin, but don’t you think you might get caught? Doesn’t it seem like a really, really bad idea to be doing this? Moreover, doesn’t Chief have enough wherewithal to realize that literally sleeping with the enemy will probably backfire spectacularly? At the very least, it’s a huge opsec risk and he should know better than to do it. Again, I do understand that Chief is a 40 year old virgin and that he’s experiencing this really intense and specific emotional connection with Makee, but I don’t think the context justifies the stupidity of his behavior here.

I agree that it happened a little quickly, but it's not like they didn't foreshadow the romantic connection, and it truly does serve the plot. I mean, all young lovers see themselves as singularly unique, and these two actually are. I also get it's a mindf*ck to those totally wed to the Steve Downes, faceless, Mr. Business Master Chief. This ain't him ... yet. Taking out the emotion regulator was little like the multiverse plotline in the Star Trek reboot (before the creative landscape became lousy with multiverses). It's gives them a lot of room to play. Besides, if Mankitten's amazingly specific prognostications are correct, it'll all be all right for the canon referees.

I don’t know, man. It didn’t kill the show for me and I’m still going to watch the finale to see how they wrap all of this up, but it was a major letdown in such an otherwise good episode.

I mean, at least they didn’t have him fuck Cortana… although when they cut away to that shot of her watching him, I actually laughed out loud. Her expression combined with the unintentional comedic timing of the cut was just too perfect.

I enjoyed that, too.

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