Grimoire (Destiny)

by TTL Demag0gue ⌂ @, Within the shadow of the Traveler, Friday, June 13, 2014, 04:55 (2938 days ago) @ Xenos

Take a look at the Grimoire if you are in the Alpha, there is some awesome detail in there. For example on the back of the Guardians card:

"Chosen from the dead by the Traveler's Ghosts, Guardians are those rare few able to wield the Traveler's Light as a weapon."

(Emphasis mine)

I am going to be sinking a lot of time into reading every card I can find.

Unfortunately, a lot of the cards are redacted. You can technically unlock them but there's no information, but there's another card that has the line: "Every Ghost seeks out its Guardian among the ancient dead." The implications of this is huge! It actually makes the ability to revive a fallen Guardian fit better into the lore of the game, which I can't wait to dig into further.

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