Ghost Fragment: Fallen (Destiny)

by Yapok @, Wednesday, July 23, 2014, 17:52 (2896 days ago) @ Xenos

Found this today in my grimoire:

<u.1:0.1> There [is] a wall. Out in the steppes.
<u.1:0.2> You know it?
<u.1:0.3> Use[d] [to] protect a spaceport—one [of] them old rocketyards. Know what I mean? Where they use[d] [to] leave world.
<u.1:0.4> One [of] them monuments [to] the good old days. Whatever those are, right?
<u.1:0.5> Only days I ever known look just like this one.
<u.1:0.6> Can't say I [would] call [them] good, but there [have] been worse. And worse is what I'm talkin[g] about.
<u.1:0.7> [Be]cause I was out there.
<u.1:0.8> At the wall.
<u.1:0.9> I was there.
<u.1:1.0> I'd heard about it. Just stories. But I'd heard. Ya know?
<u.1:1.1> We'd been on the road for…
<u.1:1.2> I don't know.
<u.1:1.3> Four-some years. Over? I don't know.
<u.1:1.4> We'd worn thin.
<u.1:1.5> Time and…
<u.1:1.6> ...
<u.1:1.7> Time and other things… other factors… will do that to [you].
<u.1:1.8> ...
<u.1:1.9> So, we were there. Not there, but close enough we could see it—out of the way, but close enough.
<u.1:2.0> Should [have]…
<u.1:2.1> We should [have] left it alone.
<u.1:2.2> I mean, we could [not] know, but we should [have] known.
<u.1:2.3> ...
<u.1:2.4> ...
<u.1:2.5> Anyway…
<u.1:2.6> I…
<u.1:2.7> Me and another couple guys, we convinced [them]… <u.1:2.8> Convinced the rest that we should take a look.
<u.1:2.9> That maybe, I don't know…
<u.1:3.0> That maybe we'd find a jumper or shelter, or whatever… something.
<u.1:3.1> We agreed… All of us…
<u.1:3.2> We agreed. If we got close and it looked bad…
<u.1:3.3> Looked wrong…
<u.1:3.4> ...we [would] turn back.
<u.1:3.5> Everyone knows… Avoid tech.
<u.1:3.6> Right?
<u.1:3.7> Stick to the lowlands and stay away from scrap.
<u.1:3.8> We knew this.
<u.1:3.9> We talked about it.
<u.1:4.0> But it was quiet. [You] know?
<u.1:4.1> And bare.
<u.1:4.2> Like it [had] already been picked over.
<u.1:4.3> Like they were gone.
<u.1:4.4> I mean… It was clear they [had] been there.
<u.1:4.5> But they looked gone.
<u.1:4.6> And we knew…
<u.1:4.7> We knew we wouldn't survive much longer.
<u.1:4.8> Not as a group.
<u.1:4.9> Not on our own.
<u.1:5.0> We needed a ship.
<u.1:5.1> We needed help.
<u.1:5.2> ...
<u.1:5.3> So we went inside.
<u.1:5.4> We were careful. I mean, I guess… I guess we were.
<u.1:5.5> We meant to be.
<u.1:5.6> Quiet.
<u.1:5.7> Careful.
<u.1:5.8> But we were wrong.
<u.1:5.9> It was [not] just a wall.
<u.1:6.0> It [is] not just a spaceport…
<u.1:6.1> Not anymore.
<u.1:6.2> ...
<u.1:6.3> It [is] a goddamn fortress.
<u.1:6.4> ...
<u.1:6.5> We were wrong...
<u.1:6.6> I was wrong.
<u.1:6.7> And, now they [are] all dead.
<u.1:6.8> And the Fallen own this goddamn planet.

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