Grimoire (Destiny)

by Malagate @, Sea of Tranquility, Saturday, June 14, 2014, 14:45 (3277 days ago) @ DaDerga

Personally, I reckon of the antagonist Races shown that the Hive are the only direct agents of The Darkness. The others are merely pursuing their own agendas.

Can you point me to what makes you think this?

Hive Trailer

This newly released taster for the Hive seems to suggest a direct agency. Especially at the beginning and at the 26 sec mark with the trio of Hive Wizards. Caveat I am just speculating here. It seems to have the smoke/black mist that on the mood sketch indicates the Darkness.

But IIRC, didn't one of those early concept race banners show the hive as independent of the Darkness?


This one indeed shows them as a separate race but that may have changed, note the fact that it also shows the Hive as the ones with the escaping soul. That is now how a quality of the Fallen. I 'm taking it that the Darkness has been changed from an antagonistic "race" of enemies to something more Lovecraftian. I hope that clarifies.

Sure does, thanks.

It may just be a combination of those banners and a few wild notions, but I've been thinking all along that the Darkness is more of a greater force opposing the light than a faction, per se. Otherwise, why would there be a distinction between the Darkness and The Hive?

There's just something about that lone figure, I guess. I keep expecting there to be a single avatar representative of the whole, a foil to the Traveller, I suppose.

But given we're already seeing tangible departures from that early concept, well. It's not like we'll have to wait that long to find out for sure


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