Wavesplitter was a bug, Pinnacle weapons also disabled... (Destiny)

by MacAddictXIV @, Seattle WA, Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 08:24 (735 days ago) @ Korny

It does suck, but it also only affects a small part of the community temporarily . I'm not saying that Bungie couldn't have found a better solution. But I don't it's honestly going to affect that many people.

I don't know how small that part of the community is. I have two separate Pinnacle weapons that I could have grabbed this week (for a total of six weapons for me). Claude and Speed were only a handful of wins away from theirs (and I think Speed is also working towards Luna's Howl).

Assuming what people were saying about what caused the bug, I might lose access to four of those because Bungie thinks having a few extra Enhancement cores is too much for the people who ground out those Pinnacle challenges.

You mean, thousands upon thousands an hour. Reacquire them, yes. But if you sharded them, you probably aren't using them very often.

And then think of the people chasing the Gambit/strike weapons on top of that.

Given how weak the season's content is already (RIP Sentry loot) Pinnacle weapons may be the main drive for a lot of people. Definitely was the one goal I had on Xbox.

Now I have to sit and wait for Bungie to sort their mess because they made an exploit for a tiny fraction of the community.

Please at least be rational. I know you are not happy about this happening and you already don't think too highly about Bungie, but come on man. You are anecdotally saying that this is affecting a large portion of people while it is only giving a gain to a tiny fraction of the community. No one but Bungie knows the numbers. Nothing about this is optimal, but at least stand back from how it affects you and think about it in the shoes of a game developer. This is technically breaking a major system of their game. Yes, to a small portion of the community, but the temporary fix while they get a hotfix out is also only affecting a small portion of the community. If I was a developer I would probably do the same thing. Because I don't think so lowly about Bungie that they put 0 thought into this.

I'm already contemplating just deleting this reply and not talking about this, because I'm sure it will get a lot of backlash but... sometimes it urks me when people just bash on something without thinking outside their own experience. And yes, there might have been a better way to go about this, but you and I both don't have that data. And I'm not going to go and say Bungie is stupid.

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