Probably should read ALL replies before jumping in, but... (Destiny)

by Ragashingo ⌂ @, Official DBO Cryptarch, Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 20:32 (734 days ago) @ cheapLEY

Why? What did that person having 12,000 cores do to you?

Because I don't like people who cheese or cheat.

Ah, so nothing. Got it.

I don't like people who dismiss my opinions as worthless while screaming and crying for everyone to listen to theirs, either.

Really? That's where you want to go? You're pretty good at doing that yourself.

Where else can I go with you treating me like complete crap? Did I jump in to insult you? Did I tell you that you were completely wrong? Did I immediately dismiss you and your opinions as asinine? No. I shared a differing opinion while agreeing with many of your larger points and I got aggressive snark in return.

I asked what someone having 12,000 cores does to you. How does it affect you? It doesn't. You can not like cheesing all you want, your hardline stance against against "cheesing," and your desire to hand out punishment to anyone who would play the game in a manner you don't agree with is about as asinine as Bungie's decision-making process regarding this whole situation.

I hope everyone who had this glitch made the most of it, and I hope Bungie doesn't take their cores away. It's truly a blessing for those lucky few to not have to think about this stupid system for the foreseeable future.

Right, and what did them having 12,000 cores do for you? Praising people for striking it rich and cheesing an exploit and thus denying you a chance to do so seems pretty silly to me. If these people had any brains they'd keep this secret and grab just as many cores as they needed. The likely end result of all this is Enhancement Cores themselves are deprecated in favor of some new oppressive currency.

The real solution probably is what you originally suggested and what I have always advocated for: Putting Destiny down if it is causing you grief. I do it at least once a year. I did it on day two of Black Armory and still refuse to play that content because of the bad taste the Power Level wall left behind. If enough of us did it we'd see change, real change, pretty quickly.

You know what won't help at all, though? Being an ass to people who only agree with you 95%.

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