Probably should read ALL replies before jumping in, but... (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 12:48 (735 days ago) @ MacAddictXIV

I wanted to chime in here before I forget what bothers me so much.

This did not stop progress to getting weapons, it just delayed when you receive it.

This is a best-case scenario. This is what Bungie WANTS, yes. I would NOT bet anything that was valuable to me that it will work this way. (There are plenty of examples so far of attempted fixes that just don't work the way they're supposed to.)

(And yes, now I'm starting to lean towards Cheapley's cynicism. Hard not to - this is the second Bungie-created bug in less than a week where their short-term solution affects me personally, and negatively, even though I did nothing wrong in either case.)

Let me clarify that a little more: we're not talking about a game-breaking exploit that a player found - we're talking about a bug introduced by Bungie to FIX A PROBLEM THAT DIDN'T REALLY EXIST. The way they set things up, you could earn 7*(X-1) cores when finishing a pinnacle weapon quest, where X is the number of characters you run. (This is assuming you actually want a copy of the weapon, of course.) So we're talking between 0-14 cores, total, available ONLY to people who've finished a difficult optional quest.

Rather than just letting those people get those "extra" cores, they decided to change things up so that you couldn't grab more than one of these guns. They made a pretty big mistake, though - and made life harder for players, rather than their old philosophy ("if we screw up, you can take advantage of the screwup until we fix it"). (Side note: they're not necessarily extra; some players don't WANT the cores, they want the goddamn weapons, because they don't like switching weapons when they switch characters. Those people are just outright screwed - that's Bungie saying "no, you can't play the way you want, you have to play the way we think is best.")

And remember, the number of players affected is tiny. (No matter what number you think collects pinnacle weapons - Braytech tells me 17% of Braytech users have collected The Recluse, for example, but the population that uses a tool like that will DEFINITELY have a higher percentage than the general public - the number of THOSE people who had finished the quest before reset yesterday but hadn't redeemed it by 1 hour past reset yesterday is almost certainly in the single digits, most likely below a percent or two of players.) Letting those people (well, whatever fraction of those people were able to get online quickly and exploit the bug in the middle of a work/schoolday) collect a lot of cores does... what, now, to the general economy?

Oh, that's right... pretty much nothing. :(

(Those people are ALREADY in a group that has the best weapons, the best armor - those people are already 'rich'. Making them richer affects you and me almost not at all.)

Now, the worst that happens is people don't get their Pinnacle weapons immediately.

Nope. The worst that happens is that pinnacle weapons break for everyone who doesn't have one yet. You might think that's unlikely - but it's NOT IMPOSSIBLE, GIVEN THE CURRENT SITUATION.

I'm willing to hold off on the lashing until we see a final result on these things (Sentry Armor in Gambit Prime, pinnacle weapons across the board)... but I'm not willing to say that everything will be fine in the end, because there are already existing cases where they've just decided that the temporary fix was good enough.

Let me be crystal-clear about one thing: I'm not mad that Destiny isn't perfect. I understand mistakes are made, and I understand that fixing them can be uncomfortable. The thing that grinds my gears here is the attitude behind the changes. The original 'problem' was tiny; let's be honest, 14 cores don't add much to your abilities. The 'fix' caused bigger problems to a larger group of players - but if Bungie had just focused on fixing the problem they caused WITHOUT inconveniencing anyone, I'd have been fine with it. The potential problems introduced by some small number of already-elite players getting their hands on thousands of cores are pretty damned close to irrelevant.

This was not a 'game-breaking' bug, like, say, bad damage numbers on Prometheus Lens. Bungie decided that our inconvenience was less relevant than their sense of fairness, when fixing a problem that THEY CREATED, trying to modify a situation that didn't really need modifying. And that value judgement - we're less important - is one that's relatively new to them, as a company... and one I don't like, at all.

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