Wavesplitter was a bug, Pinnacle weapons also disabled... (Destiny)

by MacAddictXIV @, Seattle WA, Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 11:04 (735 days ago) @ cheapLEY

Nothing about this is optimal, but at least stand back from how it affects you and think about it in the shoes of a game developer.

Honestly, no. Why should I?

Because we are now in the age where Players seem to think they get a say in how game developers make games. So yes, if you expect that say, then you have to understand there is another side to it and not just your own. If this was before that, then you would grumble that something doesn't work and continue playing the game you bought.

Bungie has a long history of anti-player decisions just like this one.

That is your view and I respect your opinion, but I disagree.

I’m not a game developer, and I don’t give a shit how hard it is to do their job. I don’t get a “but my job is hard!” free pass if I forget to tighten a lug nut or oil drain plug. Why do they?

1. That is unfair to use a mechanical analogy that involves things that could cost people their lives. Mechanics have to be held to a standard because they could accidentally kill people. If Bungie was held to the same standard then you would get content at 10% of the rate because they would be going through 10-15 different revisions of checks and sign offs.

And giving someone a free pass and trying to understand the difficulty and time frame that is involved is very different.

I’m a player, and I want the product I’ve spent literally hundreds of dollars on at this point to work when I turn it on.

Even if I set aside the money aspect for a second, you are want things to just work. All the time. You are wanting perfection from people who make your games. For you. You don't care who those people are. But you also add in that you payed money. So you are saying, that because of this, and other passed imperfections that the money you payed isn't worth it. Okay, that's your choice. I personally think the 100+ dollars I've spent on a less than perfect game for hundreds of hours of fun was worth it.

At some point they need to just get the stick out of their ass and make an actually good decision that’s not just telling their players to get fucked, which is what this feels like for a lot of people.

At some point gamers need to get the stick out of their ass and realize that you have the right to spend your money how you want but that doesn't give you the right to spend money on something and expect perfection. I can understand that you spent your money and time on a weapon and you deserve that. Yeah, you earned it. But to think that you were wrong and that people are intentionally fucking you over just makes you seem like an entitled asshole.

If you honestly think that a game company is purposely trying to fuck you, then you really need to take a break from gaming.

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