Agreed. (Destiny)

by Ragashingo ⌂ @, Official DBO Cryptarch, Thursday, April 11, 2019, 00:12 (734 days ago) @ Cody Miller

There is a difference between cheesing the raids and getting 1000 cores.

The raid is ostensibly fun and challenging to do the 'real' way. Earning 1000 cores is bullshit busy work, and needing cores gets in the way of fun.

It's like Bungie lost sight of why people play Destiny. And yes, everyone likes different things but I think most people play to have fun and do cool things with their friends. Needing items and requiring grind to powerup actively impedes your ability to hop on and play fun activities with your buddies.

Find your game's strengths and play them up, while getting rid of what gets in the way of that.

While there is some amount of fun that can be derived from giving the player limited resources and forcing them to choose to upgrade X or Y... it has gotten almost to the point that more often than not I seem to be almost out of resources and am being asked to split them between A,B,C,D,E,F,G, and H. And while that is happening, I can't play some of the activities I want (without suffering a penalty to damage dealt and taken) until I grind out the resources to upgrade all those letters...

But Destiny players are all too eager to use cheeses even when there's nothing to gain. During Last Wish, for instance, the crew I played with beat the Raid a couple of times without any cheese but we kept encounter people who never beat it without cheesing it. That was very disappointing. Some of that for sure comes from the fact that Riven is a very unforgiving encounter. But I will continue to argue that some of it comes because too many are not willing to ever call out any cheeses or cheats for what they are.

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