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by Korny @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 14:34 (735 days ago) @ Claude Errera
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This was not a 'game-breaking' bug, like, say, bad damage numbers on Prometheus Lens. Bungie decided that our inconvenience was less relevant than their sense of fairness, when fixing a problem that THEY CREATED, trying to modify a situation that didn't really need modifying. And that value judgement - we're less important - is one that's relatively new to them, as a company... and one I don't like, at all.

I think it's important to note that while Bungie has a history of doing things like this, people have always chalked it up to being Activision's doing. But Bungie has been on their own for months, and they're still handling self-caused issues terribly, so I don't really think it's relatively new at all, we just can't point the finger at anyone else anymore.

I notice that they do things strictly for the sake of the "economy" (like when they immediately shut down people extracting Cores from the curated Trust), in a game with essentially zero player-to-player economy.
When they use that term, they exclusively refer to that specific player, and how much grind he has to do to be able to infuse his gear, or masterwork a single stat on his guns or armor. For other players, their impact with the game is entirely unaffected.

The irony is that killing off access to our Pinnacle rewards is directly affecting the economy for all players who haven't completed those quests:

1. Because they wanted to make the in-game economy worse for us by denying us the two bonus weapon drops. Because of 14 Enhancement cores. Not even enough to level a single weapon.

2. And they decided that it's best to shut us out of our reward because they messed up trying to do that first thing, despite the fact that access to that loot is the product that we are paying for with our time and effort. Nope, it's best to punish those who haven't done anything wrong, because of the tiny handful of people who can personally benefit from Bungie's mistake.

Whether we get the weapons available in a week or a month, it stinks on principle, because it's yet another a mistake on Bungie's end that they are punishing everyone for. And like Claude was saying, this isn't Prometheus or Sentry Perk levels of gamebreaking. This was down to the reduction of an individual's grind, for a very small group of people.

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