Bungie GDC panel rundown (Destiny)

by electricpirate @, Saturday, March 07, 2015, 03:23 (2668 days ago)

Polygon had some nice rundowns of bungie's panels at GDC.

Story about how the loot cave ended up in the game, and why Bungie thought it wouldn't be an issue.

A session on localaziation in Destiny, especially in regards to the tower,

I liked this bit from it,

Slattery said that the game's opening cinematic featuring a trio of astronauts setting foot on Mars was also a problem. Originally, Bungie planned to render the cinematic in the game's seven languages, but as development progressed, they quickly ran out of disc space for those different versions of the video. Their compromise? Include a handful of languages to make the opener feel international — perhaps the three astronauts were Brazilian, American and Japanese, he mused.

Finally, my favorite piece on getting the first person camera right. Lots of really smart, granular stuff here, and a few gif's and movies to help; make the point. I really like this one, as it's all super chunky, usable information. The writeup (or the talk?) kind of skims over some interesting points though (Namely, how lowering the crosshairs improves the amount of peripheral vision).

All three are worth reading.

Deej, is Bungie going to put these slides up on B.net?

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