They can never get their story straight with the loot cave. (Destiny)

by scarab @, Saturday, March 07, 2015, 06:50 (2668 days ago) @ electricpirate

Article claims some Bungie dude said,

The funny thing is, we knew about this before launch," he said. "We knew this was a potentially exploitable activity. But we didn't care, because we said the actual drop rate per minute spent is not any different than anything else. So you actually will get less loot doing this per hour than just playing the game.

So the loot cave activity will give the same loot per minute as any other activity therefore you will get less loot per minute doing the loot cave activity.


The article says,

To Bungie, it wasn't a big deal. The developers believed that, even if players discovered the Loot Cave, they wouldn't waste their time there because the enemies were low-level and unlikely to drop anything of significant value.

There may have been a patch released much later on to have higher level enemies drop better loot but at the time of the loot cave all enemies dropped the same loot.

Were the article writers just talking out of their arses or did Bungie say that in the talk? Did Bungie lie about their own game or did they just, conveniently, forgot how their game used to work?

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