"Random drops can kiss my ass, and I avoid reliance on them" (Destiny)

by yakaman, Monday, March 09, 2015, 14:40 (2665 days ago) @ Kahzgul

This should be line 1, page 1 of any respectable Destiny Player's guide.

That being said, in the early days I farmed the ever-living shit out of the loot cave. I got TONS of blues and a decent amount of purples, far more than what I'd get out of the Strike playlist (which I also played devoutly - Scarab's experience is similar to mine).

But, I'm pretty sure I've gotten exactly jack-shit from random drops. Well, okay, I've gotten the following:

Point being, the loot cave (IME) dropped a hell of a lot more engrams, and those engrams translated into precisely fuck-all.

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