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by electricpirate @, Monday, March 09, 2015, 01:23 (3010 days ago) @ uberfoop

High-level software engineering:

Also also, from the Polygon article:

Only late in the design process did they finally settle on 72 degrees.

Wish I'd seen this talk...

FOV is a fraught design issue. Lots of players demand configurable FOV, but it's a pretty valuable component to have control over in design. Changing the FOV changes the relative values of long range combat, close range combat and flanking. There can also be technical issues especially on those previous gen consoles though, feel free to correct me here, as you are a much more experienced graphics programmer than I). For some players though, the wrong FOV generates motion sickness (which is why this talk sounds really interesting).

Not to mention that FOV is pretty fluid when you are talking about a game that relies on ADS, and routinely pops out to third person view.

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