Dude (Destiny)

by Robot Chickens, Monday, March 09, 2015, 14:31 (2665 days ago) @ scarab

You said this:

Lets grasp at straws and make stuff up. Actual purples, pretend purples...

To which I said this:

At that point, purple engrams were not guaranteed to decode to legendary gear. They could decode green- hence the fake purples. Later, Bungie patched it so that purple engrams were guaranteed to decode as legendary gear. However, the rate of having actual legendary equipment drop was kept the same so purple engrams became much more of a rarity.You changed the subject and said this to make it seem like my post was out of context.

Note that no mention of a cave can be found. Then you responded:

irrelevant: decode levels are global, cave dropped at higher [r]ate because you killed at higher rate. Fast respawn plus fast kills. Number of drops is proportional to numbers killed.

You cannot call my post irrelevant when your basic premise is that people are making crap up and I called you on it. I never said anything about the loot cave. That is a separate thing that just seems to tickle your fancy, but I am skeptical about you globalizing your experience of it.

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