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by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Monday, March 09, 2015, 16:21 (2665 days ago) @ scarab
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Nevertheless, patrolling became much more time intensive once the loot cave was gone. And foraging around the edges of the divide was a drag.

Heh, I have a friend who played the demo for two months and whose absolutely favorite activity is farming in the Divide. He was ticked when they effectively lowered the value of spinmetal by removing the ability to convert spinmetal into marks.

Here's another thought: consider that it might be likely that the best way to enjoy Destiny is not to try to get everything you can as soon as possible. It's no biggie to have a character miss an activity before the next reset. I have three 30+ characters and five characters total. At some point I anticipate having six high-ranked characters, one of each class on the two platforms. I have a few (bendable) rules regarding Destiny that keep it fun. Everybody seems to do most of these, but it seems like some are unique among DBOers.

1) Avoid patrols activities unless there are two or more applicable bounties.

2) In non-raid contexts, use consumables until I'm out (except black wax, which has other uses presently).

3) Pick up materials as I need them, but don't actively seek them unless I'm close the having what I need for an upgrade. Buy whatever I'm running low on.

4) Don't do the same high-level activity more than once a day. This is why I don't like running multiple nightfalls on co-op night.

5) Try to take alternating days off. (I usually fail at this one, but there are days when I just try to get the gold event package for a few characters.)

6) Experiment with different guns and subclasses.

7) Try to get better at crucible. :)

I may burn out using this approach, but so far it's working pretty well.


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