Take. A. Joke. (Destiny)

by Dagoonite, Somewhere in Iowa, lost in a cornfield., Monday, March 09, 2015, 04:28 (2666 days ago) @ Cody Miller

It isn't a joke, though. It's an abbreviated form of every single other post that you make. All you ever do is post about how horrible Bungie and Destiny are. You nitpick, you find any reason imaginable to complain, and you claim that you could do better than they could. Some of your complaints are so trite that it boggles the mind. That's what you do, Cody. That's how we see you.

I have seen you post only one positive thing on these forums. ONE. So, yes, every single person here is going to look at everything you post as more of the same damn thing that you post all day erry day. It's to the point where we mock you about it and don't even try to hide the fact that we're doing it.

When you make a comment like that, nobody is going to see it like a joke. We're just going to see more of your venom.

I'm gonna step away from the forum for a few days before I say some things that I'll regret later.

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