It was a patrol spawn point (Destiny)

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Patrol loot is the worst loot in the game.

Source? Figures?

And, please, don't drag out Raid figures, you need to go back in time.

I'm quoting a commenter on the article,

Destiny was released on Sept 9. The Vault of Glass opened on Sept 16. The original Loot Cave was patched out on Sept 25.

And please explain this,

The funny thing is, we knew about this before launch," he said. "We knew this was a potentially exploitable activity. But we didn't care, because we said the actual drop rate per minute spent is not any different than anything else. So you actually will get less loot doing this per hour than just playing the game.

That's Bungie saying that.

You may get more drops but they're almost all green, the occasional blue, and once every year or two you might get a purple.

Perhaps if you do it wrong. Purples were not that rare at the cave. I know because I got them. How much loot caving did you do? You realize that it was much more time efficient than regular patrolling?

It's L/T (loot divided by time spent getting it).

In those days we were under-levelled and couldn't strike as fast.

You need to account for time spent reaching the end of a strike then divide L by that.

Compare that to running the level 24 strike playlist. Mostly blue drops, higher chance of getting purples, plus the end of the mission drops.

The loot cave really wasn't an efficient way to earn loot.

I did lots of both and disagree. You are also discounting the things I mentioned in my other post.

You can pick up a piece of spin metal and try to kill a public event run-away bullet sponge as an under-levelled Guardian during the Sepkis strike but that was never an efficient use of your time. You'd be starting the strike proper with no heavy ammo and maybe only achieve bronze or silver. It takes real skill to avoid a gold tier when loot caving.

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