Your initial post doesn’t mention release date requirements. (Gaming)

by Harmanimus @, Monday, September 09, 2019, 16:45 (1632 days ago) @ cheapLEY

There is no stipulation that a game has to be released in that decade to be the “game of the decade.” He even questions marking criteria. If you go with his “most influential” option it is entirely probable that the game would have come out prior to the decade. 2009 had a lot going on that wasn’t particularly meaningful for the 00’s, just as most things from this year will probably ring louder for their impact on the 20’s. Honestly, any inclusion in a list here with Dark Souls as a progenitor would be better served by Demon’s Souls which came out in ‘09.

Maybe it is splitting hairs. But I stand by the argument for sake of clarity.

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