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by CruelLEGACEY @, Toronto, Wednesday, September 11, 2019, 14:37 (1630 days ago) @ EffortlessFury

And that is fair. I didn’t give The Walking Dead show a chance because the comic quickly butchered its own potential. I haven’t even read all of the comic that I own. And it did a lot of things that were novel and interesting. I honestly haven’t been able to sort why TLoU doesn’t press my buzzer and get my attention.

I think a game like TLoU lives or dies by your connection (or lack of connection) to the characters.

To Kermit’s point, there’s nothing inherently original about watching people deal with the kinds of things that the characters in TLoU deal with. But what makes it so special for me, and I think for many others, is that the portrayal of the characters is so exceptionally fleshed out that they feel real and alive, and because of that, their pain, hope, terror, heartbreak, and joy feel equally real.

But none of that would come across if, for any reason, the you don’t bond with the characters.

Frankly, I felt like it wasn't giving me enough to work with up to the point I stopped. (Not long after getting out of the city) The pace is excruciatingly slow and the so-so gameplay makes it hard to push forward. I don't have a problem with a slow story as long as I'm engaged and the game doesn't engage me. :/

I struggled with the gameplay during the early hours of the game as well. I actively disliked the Uncharted games because I found the gameplay so bad. And while I found the story in TLoU instantly more compelling than Uncharted, the shooting mechanics were really driving me to put it down.

But luckily for me, I happen to love stealth games like Splinter Cell. So out of a combination of curiosity and desperation, I decided to stop TLoU as a shooter, and instead approach it as a stealth game. And to the game’s credit, it works brilliantly that way. You can play through long chunks of the game firing few or no bullets. And the environments are thoughtfully layed out such that they encourage this style of gameplay.

Eventually, I had upgraded my weapons and skills to the point where I could enjoy the game as more of a pure shooter. It’s actually one of the more fascinating aspects of the game. I found myself switching between a stealthy, cautious approach, and a full-aggro shooter approach based on how I was feeling, based on what the characters were going through at that moment.

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