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by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 13:12 (1676 days ago) @ stabbim

Wanna know something really funny? I did.

I really should just watch a playthrough at this point. I normally don't like doing that but it's probably worthwhile to at least see the story.

It definitely is. One of the flaws in the game may be that before you implement certain upgrades, aiming is not as easy as you might be accustomed to so the difficulty curve is a little steep. (I loaned my console to a non-gamer and he couldn't make it out past the first clicker.) On the other hand, to me that difficulty (and stress) added to the realism.

In lieu of watching a complete walkthrough for story, you might watch a few people get through the section that stopped you until you are leveled a bit higher. This guy is amazing for speed runs and some of his strategies would make Easy a cakewalk. (Don't watch him for story--he skips cutscenes.)

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