Episode 1 (Fan Creations)

by cheapLEY @, Sunday, January 15, 2023, 20:07 (463 days ago) @ Cody Miller
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Ok, with that out of the way, everything after the opening was pretty on point. Great production design and direction, you believe every second of it. The infection detector was a nice touch that was set up for a great tense payoff near the end (I don't remember if this was in the game, with the red/green). The casting was great. Pedro is great as Joel, just nailing it.

It was set up like that in the game as well. When you first start playing as Joel, you can watch a group of soldiers scanning people held at gun point. One pops up red and gets executed on the spot. Then the scene where Ellie gets scanned plays out fairly similarly to the show.

My only worry is that folks who haven't played the game are going to be short changed by the choices in the opening. Otherwise, thumbs up.

I honestly sort of think you’re overthinking it because you’ve played the game. I don’t really see the differences you see. We don’t really see Joel as a shitty dad in the game anymore than we do in the show. I don’t honestly know that we were supposed to think he’s a shitty dad. I certainly never thought that.

Overall, this was a great first episode. The casting is perfect so far. Pedro just is Joel. Bella Ramsey is great as Ellie. If this has been a Netflix style drop the whole season at once, I’m certain I would just stay up all night and watch the rest of it. It’s great.

I also loved the talk show opening. I’m not sure it was the most deft way to do it, but I thought it was effective and honest really haunting.

I loved the fake out when they were in the truck and don’t get hit by the other car like they did in the game.

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