Dustin Echoes (Fan Creations)

by Cody Miller @, Music of the Spheres - Never Forgot, Monday, January 23, 2023, 18:00 (549 days ago) @ Claude Errera

But when adapted back into the very medium that inspired its choices, in such a 'faithful' manner, it just feels like a reminder of the game and those lessons, rather than something exciting as a show in and of itself. I get that this is what people think they want, and it's kind of just the extension of making 'cinematic' games to begin with. A faithful adaptation simply proves the original had worth. But wasn't it obvious the original game had worth?

Remember: a couple of million people (maybe a few million - hell, maybe 10 million, I don't know) have played the game, at most.

[edit: google says 17 million copies of the first game had been sold as of 2018. I know that 2 of those were to me, and I haven't played it (fully) yet. I doubt I'm the only multi-copy purchaser.)]

Hundreds of millions of people watch TV. (Billions, if you don't limit it to the US.)

There are lots and lots and lots of people who might watch this show that have never, and will never, play the game.

Becky asked about it last night. She'd never heard of Last of Us (the video game) - she just saw the preview on HBO, and was intrigued.

Those people will not be bored because it's rehashed territory.

I made an effort to put FOR ME in all caps man :-p

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