Dustin Echoes (Fan Creations)

by cheapLEY @, Monday, January 23, 2023, 14:14 (540 days ago) @ Claude Errera

Those people will not be bored because it's rehashed territory.

I will also say that while I get where Cody is coming from, I couldn’t disagree more. I’m playing the game again currently, and it has been cemented as a certified masterpiece for me. It is really that good in all aspects.

I still find the show incredibly good and compelling, and I have not been bored for a single second. Yeah, it absolutely is different because I have played the game, but that does not make it lesser in any way. They are making legitimately smart choices in adaptation, and I think the elements they’re bringing in from the game have been incredible.

There is a scene with some infected in a museum in the newest episode. It is legitimately as tense as I felt during that exact same portion of the game, and they did a better job than I would have thought possible translating both that emotion and the actual mechanics of the gameplay. My first play through of that section played out so closely to how that scene played out in the show I was honestly kind of amazed. That it was not a wholly new experience did not take away from that scene at all—in fact, it might have enhanced it. It’s impossible to know, because we’re not in a world where I haven’t played the game, but I suspect that scene hits harder because I can tap into the memories of terror and tension I felt while actually controlling Joel in that scene.

We can debate the artistic merits of that all day long, but I think the exercise of adapting the game in the truest way possible so that it works alone while also potentially being enhanced for the folks that played is one worthy of existing.

I wonder how much so called spoiler culture plays into this. I don’t care about story spoilers at all. Knowing what will happen next has never one ruined my enjoyment of a story, and I think most stories would rely on not being spoiled to be effective are just not good stories. So knowing The Last of Us has not hindered my enjoyment of the show.

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