Wasn't a fan of Part II's story because... (Fan Creations)

by Anna Komnene, Sunday, January 22, 2023, 10:46 (549 days ago) @ Korny

I don't like stories about assholes, and Part II turned Ellie into one huge asshole. Justifications aside, it's just not my thing. Despite Joel being an asshole in Part 1, I was able to get on board because: one, I enjoyed the gameplay, and that's the most important thing in a game to me; two, I really enjoyed Ellie; and three, they were ultimately trying to do something good.

Part II? I hate Part II for making me hate a character I really enjoyed. It's not the sort of character development I like, it's just not what I look for in my stories personally.

That being said, if Part III comes out and I enjoy it, then I'm willing to forget Part II ever existed, and Ellie lost her fingers from an infected person (ugh -- that reminds me of Halsey losing her arms in the Halo series).

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