Super Facinating! (Destiny)

by Ragashingo ⌂, Official DBO Cryptarch, Thursday, January 05, 2017, 13:56 (2664 days ago) @ Cody Miller


I sorta skipped over the whole TAG system part, but that's what I was getting at with content changes being fairly hard to do with updates to the Halos. Development was easy, but pushing out new content to the player was hard since you had to bake everything to the big files that the actual Halo engine knew how to read. Especially hard to get a new build into a player's hands given the much slower internet of the time. Kinda terrible that they tried to fix this with Destiny but seem to have mostly just screwed themselves on the development end.

As the explanation of what went wrong kept descending further and further into hell I started to wonder who took the fall for all of this. This wasn't a minor mistake. This was a huge issue for them all the way through the game's development and only started really getting resolved after launch. It sounds to me like it took some extra ordinary heroic effort on the studio's part to even ship the Destiny we got, given how badly this mucked up the dev process. Might even be fair to say that this whole fiasco had the potential to outright kill both Destiny and Bungie! In an odd way, its sorta Halo 2 all over again... but maybe much worse?

It also says to me that Destiny 2 had better darn well be amazing. If they could eek out Destiny with a massive unsolvable blockage in everyone's workflows, then there's very little excuse for lackluster anything now that that blockage seems like it has been greatly reduced.

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