One Other Thing... (Destiny)

by Harmanimus @, Friday, January 06, 2017, 15:39 (2665 days ago) @ Kahzgul

And this is the issue with Destiny. The PR team wasn't just saying "everything is fine, ignore the man behind the curtain." They were saying "This game has X Y and Z. Your weapons will tell the tale of your guardian. Your will become legend. If you see a mountain in the distance, you can go there. Saturn is a thing." So they sold us a "pork" sausage, and what we got was a chicken sausage. It's not the advertised product.

I think this consideration lacks context in regard to the fact that they were making a game. Something that requires a degree of crafting, as I anticipate you understand. While the tale your weapons tell is more a case of your personality (I don't use snipers, my main almost only uses Exotics in the Heavy slot, etc) it still tells a tale of your guardian. In universe you are legend. And many folks have made a name for themselves in the community or small patches of it. You could walk to that mountain. It is geometry. But there is probably nothing (just like going up the mountains on Delta Halo in Halo 2) to do there, so the game keeps you from going on a boring walking simulator. And Saturn is a thing - from varying perspectives and degrees.

Not to mention, part of their sell was a 10 year plan. We'll see in the future if it keeps going or not, I suppose. But they were selling you on a game that would be alive for the foreseeable future. And so far I wouldn't say they've wholey missed that mark.

And so I agree with Raga in that, if Bungie had been up front about major changes, or problems, or even top level decisions to just do it differently from how it had been previously advertised, those of us who do feel like we were lied to wouldn't feel that way. And I also agree with you that Bungie didn't need to tell us about the problems in their backend pipeline.

They have been pretty explicit with Destiny that no "in development" content is a promise. I can't get behind any suggestion more explanation was required. Hyping oneself can be a problem, but it isn't their PR folks' job to keep hopes in check.

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