I take offense to your statements (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Friday, January 06, 2017, 16:23 (2757 days ago) @ Xenos

On a slightly different subject from chairs. Don Norman talks in his book Living with Complexity about how in today's age information is extremely important to user satisfaction. This ranges from something like the Domino's website where they give you a live update about your pizza. They tell you who is making your pizza, when it's out of the oven, when it leaves the store and who your driver is, all the while they are keeping you informed of the expected arrival time. The same ideas apply to tracking packages on the USPS, UPS, Fedex websites. The more information they provide, the higher the satisfaction of the end user is.

In a lot of ways this can be applied to watching the development of Destiny unfold. I know I hated being in the dark about something I was extremely excited about. I preordered the game as soon as it was available and then had to watch as barely any information was given out. I would have killed for ANY information while we waited for this game to launch.

The problem is still that this analogy doesn't fully track. They DO answer all those questions about Destiny. What people are talking about in this thread would be more like the tracker telling you "oops, Steve dropped your pizza , and is going to have to start over from scratch." Which Pizza Hut would NEVER do. They might update your delivery time, which is exactly what Bungie would do as well if the game was delayed (as long as a release date was already announced).

More accurately: "oops, Steve dropped your pizza, so we're going to be a little late because he has to pick off all the lint before he puts it in the box."

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