One Other Thing... (Destiny)

by Kahzgul, Saturday, January 07, 2017, 21:53 (2743 days ago) @ Claude Errera

I hear what you're saying. My memories of early halo appear to be conflated with some later info, it seems. Your explanation, however, illustrates my overall point all the same: Halo was a 3rd person shooter at one point, and then - before launch - Bungie informed us that it was now an FPS. Something changed and they told us that it had changed before we bought the game.

This simply did not happen with Destiny. Things changed but we were never told they had changed until after Bungie had our money.

That's really the fundamental issue for me. I was led to believe one thing, and I spent money for that thing, and I got something different. And this bait and switch is a brand new experience for me when it comes to Bungie games. Bungie had not misled me before about - near as I can recall - any previous game. Not even Pimps at Sea.

It's not about whether or not Bungie is run by evil people. They obviously aren't. They're just normal people. Who used to communicate in an open and honest way, even if it could impact their sales. And now they're more marketing-savvy, which means they won't say anything that might impact sales, and will stretch the truth or lie by omission if it could improve sales. And I think that's shitty. But that's just me. And just my opinion. If bungie wants to win back my loyalty, they need to apologize for these tactics and change them. If they're happy to lose me, then they don't need to. I'm sure they're making plenty of sweet, sweet microtransaction money to the point where they've realized they make more cash with a slot machine than a video game, so I don't expect any apologies. Bungie doesn't need me. Heck, they may not even *want* me as a customer.

Now, as I say this, it's clear that Bungie has changed their communication since RoI came out. Correct me if I'm wrong, but RoI delivered on everything they said it would, right?

The Dawning was a great event that added real substance to the game, and that was under-advertised. It could have easily been staggered out over several updates because there was so much to do there.

So I'm looking to the future with a little hope, I suppose. Maybe Destiny will just be a small dark smear on an otherwise spotless record. Unfortunately, the only real lens with which we can judge the real quality of their messaging is one of hindsight and proper perspective, and we have neither yet.

Time will tell.

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