Lots of people felt misled about Halo 2. (Destiny)

by uberfoop @, Seattle-ish, Monday, January 09, 2017, 19:13 (2659 days ago) @ DiscipleN2k

Also the Jackal shield wedge formation. It's nit-picky, but I was pretty disappointed it wasn't actually in the game.


I'm glad that it wasn't. The moment I saw them on-screen like that, I knew they were about to all get killed by a grenade or warthog. Jackals have no reason to stand close together, they aren't actually covering each other by doing that and it gets them less coverage of the battlefield. A canned action which serves no purpose but to make them easy to wipe out.

The 2003 E3 demo presented a neat style, but I thought the actual gameplay stuff being demo'd looked very questionable.

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