Thanks to Korny et al. (Raid spoilers hereabouts) (Recruitment)

by RaichuKFM @, Northeastern Ohio, Tuesday, November 14, 2017, 13:23 (2441 days ago) @ Claude Errera

This is stupid. You don't know you're being transported into the Shadow Realm. You might be transported UP TO the Shadow Realm. Or DOWN TO. Or whatever.

"Inside" is a place, not a direction.

I really have to disagree?

The issue is you can be fairly said to be inside when in either position; my group worked that out pretty easily, and made a bunch of joking names before going with Throne Room and variations on Shadow Realm, Nega-Zone, Dark World. And also still slipping up and saying inside for both positions.

See, here's the issue. You can use "inside" and "outside" as words synonymous with "indoors" and "outdoors". But this isn't the only way you can use them? Not even the most common way! That most common way is in reference to a specific thing.

I mean, you're inside a town or village or city or something, inside a country, inside a solar system, right now, aren't you? You're within the boundaries of a space, whether those boundaries are manmade or physical barriers at all.

So without context on "I'm inside", people will supply their own. They might think "Oh, they're indoors", but they also might think "Oh, they're inside [the throne room]" or "Oh, they're inside [the crazy dimension we all got teleported into]". So it's just a bad callout unless you get everyone on the same page about it.

Also, um, the direction you enter a thing (up, down, whatever) has nothing to do with if you're inside of a thing. Inside isn't a direction, but it's not just a place. It's a relative spacial quality, or, more simply, it's a thing you can be in relation to a space. If you parachute down to the forest floor from a plane, you are now inside of the forest.

Forgive me if I'm explaining the obvious, but I'm feeling about as confused as you guys are saying you're confused by people using inside for things that aren't indoors.

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