Sorry Kermit (Recruitment)

by Robot Chickens, Wednesday, November 15, 2017, 11:23 (2444 days ago) @ Kermit

Geez, Robot. How many times did I tell Raichu he's not wrong? I acknowledged that our conceptions of the void affects how we refer to it.

I must have missed this part. I did see you tell him he needed an editor and that toddlers were taught to see things your way. :-) Knowing you, I'm pretty sure those statements were meant with a different tone, but they easily can come off as a means of establishing the other person's ignorance. Given that I initially thought of that realm as inside, I was probably a bit defensive. I'm not saying that inside is the most helpful description, but it isn't without logic.

I don't remember how our team referred to it (I don't recall that we were there more than 15 minutes and it was all new to everyone).

We were there a bit longer than that (long enough to figure out all the major components, albeit with one massive misunderstanding). We had a discussion about the inside vs outside naming because it was not readily apparent to everyone and we decided "away team" was a better descriptor. Mind-Palace came up but was rejected because the throne room was also in a palace.

Irrespective to raiding (which predictably becomes problematic when terminology isn't commonly understood) this debate was about broader English usage because that's where Raichu took the debate. I stand by my point regarding the common usage of "inside" vs. "in." I'll defer to many here regarding many subjects, but not this one.

This is probably my fault in the reading, but I read this whole sub-thread in relation to the validity of the raid usage. While common parlance easily proves your point in the some conceptions (in the city vs inside the city), it becomes a moot point when different conceptions are at play. In my case, being inside his head or mind-palace was the first concept I latched onto. Common parlance gets murky here. Sure getting "in someone's head" is a common phrase, but so is getting "inside someone's head." I guess that, to me, suggesting that these are errors only a non-native speaker would make feels off-putting. Again, this is probably a result of me reading the whole common parlance thing in relation to the initial validity of using inside as a descriptor in the raid, as opposed to a debate of Raichu's specific examples.

That being said, my biggest character flaw may be the ability to play devil's advocate for almost anything. If there's a hill to die on involving competing interpretations, I'll find it.


Ditto. :-)


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