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by Claude Errera @, Tuesday, November 14, 2017, 15:41 (2444 days ago) @ Korny

I did a verbatim search, which yielded 166 million results. the problem is that "In the town" and "Inside the town" are two completely different contexts, so if you search with quotations, you're filtering an exact phrase. Nobody says "I'm inside town this weekend", which is why he has so few results that way. If that's the argument that Kermit is making, then yes, nobody says that, but I think he's totally misunderstanding the point, as astoundingly simple as it is, I think.

We're talking about inside and outside as prepositions. That's it. If he's unfamiliar with those specific uses of the words outside of them being interchangeable with "indoors" and "outdoors", then that's where the misunderstanding lies.

You're responding to a conversation between him and RaichuKFM which discussed the usage of exactly that phraseology. Not the concept, but the word choice. Kermit has misunderstood nothing here.

The basic issue is this:

This thread proves how confusing the phrase "I'm inside" is, when you're actually participating in the Calus raid. Whether you can prove that your phrase is grammatically correct (or even common) is irrelevant - NOBODY SHOULD BE USING THE PHRASE "I'M INSIDE" WHEN PARTICIPATING IN THE FINAL ENCOUNTER OF THE CALUS RAID, BECAUSE IT IS NOT CLEAR.

This is as stupid as the 'Mars/Venus/Green/Brown/Past/Future" argument on VoG - teams with common sense (and ANY new players at all) settled on 'Left/Right' (sometimes with the clarification of 'while looking at Atheon', to avoid the Templar issues) just because anything else generated unnecessary frustration. "Inside/Outside" here generates exactly the same unnecessary frustration, so why not just not use those words?

(Okay, I'm talking to the biggest troll on DBO, so that last was a dumb question. But in general, for most people... why not just not use those words?)

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