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This is stupid. You don't know you're being transported into the Shadow Realm. You might be transported UP TO the Shadow Realm. Or DOWN TO. Or whatever.

"Inside" is a place, not a direction.

I really have to disagree?

I mean, you're inside a town or village or city or something, inside a country, inside a solar system, right now, aren't you? You're within the boundaries of a space, whether those boundaries are manmade or physical barriers at all.

I really have to disagree?

I have never said or heard anyone say "inside" in conjunction with any of your examples. "inside" implies actual and obvious boundaries--a confined place, walls, ceiling, etc. That's what the sides are. What confused me about hearing the void described as "inside" was that we were going from a place that had obvious boundaries to a place that has no obvious boundaries. Intuitively, the throne room is inside, and the void may have boundaries, but we can't see them. Intuitively, it's outside.

Inside does imply boundaries, with relation to something outside of those boundaries.

If you play Footbaw, you must remain inside of the field of play. "But the field doesn't have any walls or ceiling!" That's right, that means it's outdoors, which has nothing to do with what we're talking about. It's all about the predefined space that you are in as a player. There are no walls, but there is a defined space that you are contained in.

If you're in a line, and you stand outside of the line, you may lose your place in line. Is the line indoors? Outdoors? Doesn't matter. It has a defined space of containment in regards to the space outside of the line. You didn't start inside of the line, you had to get into the line. So if you get back out, you are outside of the defined line.

Say that you are inside of a house. You are indoors. Now say that someone climbs inside of a box. In relation to them, you are outside of the box. They are trapped within a limited environment, even if the inside of the box has a painting of the sky, they are inside, and you are outside. The Shadow world is a pocket of space that you go into from the real world. It is the box. The fact that the house has walls and a ceiling has nothing to do with the fact that it is outside of the box, because Inside and outside relates to a space in relation to a different space with defined boundaries that don't have to be physical.

The Shadow World has a limit to where you can go. It is a contained space in regards to the entire rest of the raid. When you are pulled into it, you have to get back out of it.

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