Sorry Kermit (Recruitment)

by Robot Chickens, Wednesday, November 15, 2017, 12:44 (2444 days ago) @ Funkmon

The non native speaker thing is valid. Even though you can sometimes say both in and inside, it doesn't mean they have the same meaning. There is a subtlety in it that Kermit was getting at, which is being argued against, although everyone kind of acknowledges that subtlety in the argument.

The native speaker intuition is a real thing, and it's a major part of all types of linguistics. Syntax, semantics, morphology, all of it.

A non native speaker, no matter how good he ostensibly is at the language, ends up missing some things. Slight differences in words, like this example, or certain awkward adjective ordering, like saying "red old big house" instead of "big old red house," which are almost identical, and can be argued logically to mean the same thing, but don't to native speakers. All native speakers have an intuition for it.

Raichu has explained himself kinda, why he uses inside and not in, but still maintains that they're functionally identical, which we all natively know is wrong.

Now, I agree with you that it's a moot point in the context of the raid, since it depends on how you see the area (having seen this part, I think "inside"), and I don't think that anyone in the real world has this problem. I just jumped on when I saw claims of language outside the game, which is something to which I have some limited knowledge to add. Maybe I misread the claims as more general than they actually are. But either way, moot points are the purpose of forums.

No arguments here. I really enjoyed your post for what it's worth.

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