The biggest takeaway . . . (Recruitment)

by cheapLEY @, Tuesday, November 14, 2017, 18:15 (2290 days ago) @ bluerunner

I think I'm the one that triggered Kermit because I said "inside" when referencing the shadow realm, as in meaning "inside the realm". RaichuKFM is right. I've heard all of those examples and use many of them. "I live inside city limits" is another good example.

Inside can logically and equally refer to the Shadow Realm or the Throne Room. The biggest takeaway from all of this for me is to just go over the callouts beforehand if you're raiding with someone you haven't before.

When we ran it a few weeks ago and played with someone new, we weren't exactly clear about the strategy for the Royal Pools. One of the guys that the team hadn't raided with before knew the strategy, but his crew had always done front or back rather than right and left sides, and we made it ridiculously far into the encounter without the chains locking before we actually figured out what the hell was going on and where the confusion came from. We clarified and cleared it on the next try, I think, but all too often stupid little things like that can turn an enjoyable experience into an exercise in frustration really quickly.

So just go over the strategy and callouts quickly before the encounter, just to make sure everyone's on the same page.

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